Changes to financial support for people in urgent need

Last year, there were around 9,500 applications to the DWP’s Social Fund from people in Rotherham. About 65% of these were successful, resulting in a small payment to individuals or families in extreme hardship, needing a small amount of money for essentials quickly.

As part of the government’s welfare reform programme, some of the responsibility for this kind of funding was given to local councils from the start of April. Despite widespread expectations that Tory welfare changes will leave some people already on very low incomes with substantially less money and more vulnerable to unforeseen events and costs, Rotherham council estimates that the government has made available 13% less money to residents of our borough for the coming year than was paid out in the last twelve months.

Rotherham’s new scheme, available now, is called “Fund for Change”. Details of the new scheme can be found by clicking here.

To make a claim, or see if you may be eligible, please call 01709 336000 between the hours of 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

The DWP will continue to provide Short-term Advances and Budgeting Advances of benefit payments (click here for a factsheet in PDF format). To enquire about these, you should contact them directly by calling 0845 603 6967.

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