Tanyard anti-social behaviour

We have been contacted by a number of residents concerned about events on the Tanyard over recent nights, when substantial groups of people have been gathering outside the shops, vehicles have allegedly been raced along Bawtry Road, and individual passers by reporting being verbally abused. We continue to liaise with the local police who have been responding to concerns. They have provided the following information to be shared with residents;

The team have met with the management company for The Tanyard to discuss long term solutions for tackling anti social behaviour from vehicles and youths in the evenings. These discussions will be ongoing.

The management company have agreed to put ANPR cameras up on both entrances to the car park. This will allow for all vehicles registration numbers to be recorded and made available to the police for any future incidents of vehicle anti social behaviour and criminal activity.

The management company have also agreed to put CCTV cameras and signage up in the car park which will assist in identifying those responsible for anti social behaviour and criminal activity.

The team will be spending more time up in the area with a view to taking enforcement action against those that choose to use The Tanyard and surrounding areas as a meeting place to commit ASB, use drugs and commit offences.

The team encourage residents to continue to report incidents as they happen as this allows a true reflection of the problem. It is not always possible for the local officers to pick up on concerns that are posted on social media.

You can report issues on 101 (non emergency) or 999 (emergency). As a reminder for when either number can be used please see the below.

An emergency requiring a call to 999 would include:

When there is a threat to life.
Violence to a person or damage to property is imminent.
A serious offence is in progress.
A suspected offender is still at the scene of a crime.
When a delay in reporting an incident may prevent the apprehension of an offender.
When serious disruption to the public is currently taking place, or is likely to take place.

A call to 101 would include:

To report a crime that is not currently taking place and the offender is no longer present.
To make a routine enquiry.
To make an appointment to attend an enquiry desk.
Requests for advice or to provide information.
Lost and found property enquiries.

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Wickersley licensing “cumulative impact zone” agreed

The area covered by the new zone, as detailed in the council report

Rotherham’s first “cumulative impact zone”, which covers the Wickersley area, was formally adopted by councillors last week. The council is meeting online at the moment due to Coronavirus restrictions, and the meeting was also the first “full council” meeting in South Yorkshire to take place virtually.

As local ward respresentatives, we have been in consultation with residents for several months about the cumulative impact zone, responding to the concerns that people have raised with us.

The policy, which forms part of stricter Licensing rules across Rotherham for pubs, late night takeaways and other licensed premises, gives councillors on the Licensing Board additional powers when considering applications for new premises. During the consultation we heard from lots of residents who live in the immediate area of the pubs who wanted to see stricter conditions in order to reduce the impact on the community.

You can read the policy in full by clicking here.

The proposal was moved at the council meeting by Cllr Emma Hoddinott, who said; “The consultation session we had at Wickersley Library was lively. We heard from many residents fed up with the constant noise, examples of people being sick in their gardens, concerns over crime and drugs as well… There are currently 19 licensed premises in Wickersley but not necessarily the infrastructure to support them… By bringing this policy forward we have been trying to get the right balance.”

The report was seconded by Cllr Sue Ellis, Chair of the Licensing Board, who noted that even though pubs and clubs are currently closed there are still licensing applications coming forward for consideration at the current time, so it’s still important to get the rules right now. Sue added that the cumulative impact zone would be particularly useful in our area where residential properties are close to licensed pubs. “The introduction of the CIZ responds to the concerns expressed by residents through the consultation… It is also data-based, with police, NHS and Public Health feeding in important data so the committee that we sit on will be best informed.”

Sadly, the calls of local people were rejected by a number of councillors. The leader of the council’s main opposition group, Cllr Cowles, Silverwood councillor Alan Napper, and the one Liberal Democrat, Cllr Carter, all voted against the proposal.

At the same meeting, councillors paid tribute to the work of council staff and other key workers so far during the current pandemic. You can watch Cllr Chris Read’s statement below:

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Fleming Way works draw 2020 Roads programme to an end

Road resurfacing works on Fleming Way recently

Road resurfacing works have now been concluded on Fleming Way and Markfield Drive, which bring to an end Labour’s £10m 2020 Roads programme. Last year we petitioned local residents to ensure that this major through route in the ward would be included in the programme.

Some additional markings have been added to try to address residents’ worries about speeding cars and we continue to monitor this to see if more needs to be done.

The good news is that back in March we agreed an additional £24 million investment to continue to improve the state of the borough’s roads over the coming four years, so we can continue to see improvements locally over the months and years to come.

New road markings on St Johns Avenue

Residents have raised with us a number of locations where they have been concerned about speeding vehicles or problem parking, and we have been pursuing local solutions. One such example is on St Johns Avenue at Bramley, where new markings have now gone down. Another is outside Bramley Sunnyside Junior and Infant schools on Flanderwell Lane where we have worked with the schools to buy and install “Billie and Belinda” bollards to encourage motorists to drive with care.

New bollards on Flanderwell Lane remind drivers to be cautious in the vacinity of the schools.
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Coronavirus update

Over the last few weeks, we have been working hard to support our residents through this difficult time.

Cllr Sue Ellis delivering prescriptions to residents who are self-isolating

We’ve helped with over one hundred food parcel deliveries and dozens of prescriptions to residents who are self isolating or who have found themselves in financial difficulties.

And whilst the government seems set to ease restrictions over the coming days and weeks, it is important that we all continue to follow the advice carefully. Sadly we are aware of a small number of people from our area who have passed away as a result of COVID-19.

Cllr Hoddinott with the Sunnyside Supplies provisions

In other news:

  • Cemeteries and burial grounds are now open again to visitors, so long as social distancing rules are followed.
  • Household Waste sites, including Lidget Lane, are open again, operating reduced hours and with traffic management in place. Please only use these sites if you cannot dispose of your waste in your bin, or store it for longer.
  • Garden waste (brown bin) collections start again this week. If you subscribe to the service please leave your bin out on the usual collection day. Please also remember that your subscription must be up to date and displaying this year’s blue sticker (not last year’s green sticker) in order to be emptied. To renew your subscription (or start a new one) please click here.
  • Bus and public transport timetables are likely to change again in the coming weeks. Please click here for the latest information.

Last week, Cllr Chris Read discussed the council’s response to the crisis at the first formal Scrutiny meeting since it began. You can download a summary of the council’s response by clicking here, or listen back to the meeting here. And for a local government view of how the last few weeks have played out – and why the government must work with councils over the weeks and months to come – please click here.

Information about our Sunnyside Supplies work

And remember, if you need to get in touch, you can do so in all the usual ways.

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If you do need some help at the moment…

The council’s volunteer scheme – Rotherham Heroes – is now up and running, hundreds of people have signed up to help their communities. Of course we are no expection.

If you are self isolating at the moment, or if you know someone who is, and you need support with things like:

  • Shopping
  • Collecting your prescription
  • Walking a pet
  • Having a friendly voice on the phone
  • Emergency food parcels

Help is at hand! You can request help for yourself, or for someone else, by clicking here, or calling 01709 807319.

Working with Maltby Town Council and St Mary Magdalene’s Church, and supported by Bramley Parish Council and Morrisons, your local Labour team have been delivering food packages to residents who might otherwise be going without. If you’re stuck and need a quick response, Sunnyside Supplies are available – please call 01709 807319.

UPDATE: You can now find Sunnyside Supplies on Facebook by clicking here.

In addition, the council has now announced additional support with council tax bills for those on the very lowest incomes – either those in receipt of council tax support already, or who need to make a new claim before the end of May.

Rotherham’s scheme goes further than the national guidelines put forward by the government, but it is funded by a one-off national grant. Anyone in receipt of council tax support, or who starts to receive it because they become unemployed at the current time, will see their bill cut by a further £200 (or cut to zero, if they would have been paying less than £200 otherwise).

More than 13,000 households across the borough will benefit as a result, with two thirds of those being people in low paid work. If you’re eligible for the scheme you don’t need to do anything, your bill will be reissued with the additional discount (or a refund if you’ve already paid for this year in full). If you aren’t currently claiming, but you think you might be eligible, there’s more information on the council website here.

At the beginning of lockdown Sue had additional commitments due to family circumstances. She sends her personal thanks and appreciation to Weston Park Hospital staff.

Sue continued to deal with surgery reports, and council business from home. She has also phoned people living alone and had many interesting and uplifting coversations. You can find the latest information to contact us here.

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