Further road resurfacing due

The next roads due for resurfacing locally

Dale Road, Green Lane and Aireton Close are all due to benefit from Labour’s 2020 Roads scheme over the coming month.

The £10 million programme has seen hundreds of roads across the borough improved over the last three years, reducing the number of potholes reported for repair by a third.

Bawtry Road outside Wickersley Comp has also recently been resurfaced.

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“Know the Line” campaign targets sexual harassment

A new campaign has been launched in the borough to raise awareness of the impact of sexual harassment, urging residents to “Know the Line”.

It comes as research shows that 64% of women have experienced unwanted sexual harassment in public places, rising to 85% of women aged between 18 and 25.

Launching the campaign, Cllr Emma Hoddinott said; “We need to do more to raise awareness, spread understanding of what sexual harassment is and the affect that it has on women and girls. And we need to galvanise agencies and communities to do more.  

“Sexual harassment is too common for women. We have got to move beyond the quiet words about so-and-so’s wandering hands, or warnings not to be alone with a certain person.  

“We will not accept the unacceptable.”

Posters and leaflets are available across the borough. You can find more information at knowtheline.org.

One of the electronic posters outside the town hall recently.
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BT proposes to close two of the last three local phone boxes

The telephone boxes proposed for closure on Sycamore Avenue and Flanderwell Lane.

BT has proposed to close two of the last three telephone boxes in the ward, despite them being used more than 200 times last year.

The phone boxes are the ones located outside The Joker pub on Sycamore Avenue and on Flanderwell Lane outside Sunnyside Community Centre. These boxes are amongst 33 across the borough proposed for closure, as usage of the boxes declines and BT reduces provision.

If the proposals went ahead, we would be left with one box, close to the junction of Bawtry Road and Cross Street in Bramley.

Whilst removing unused boxes may make sense, we are concerned that these two have been in fairly regular use, suggesting that some residents do still depend on the service, and we will be making representations accordingly.

By law the council is required to consult on the closure of any telephone boxes. You can make your own comments as part of the consultation by clicking here.

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Gigabit broadband comes to Sunnyside

A map showing the properties benefiting from the investment.

Homes on The Crescent West, Square East and Square West have become amongst the first properties anywhere in the borough to be able to benefit from gigabit (1000Mbps) speeds. The properties had previously had very restricted broadband speeds, due to the pre-copper cabling and distance from the telephone distribution box.

The investment has come as part of the Superfast South Yorkshire phase 2 scheme, supported by the four South Yorkshire Councils and BT and funded by Sheffield City Region. Phase 1 of the programme was intended to ensure that at least 97% of properties in South Yorkshire could get access to broadband speeds of at least 24Mbps. The scheme helped to fill in the gaps in coverage where purely commercial operators would not otherwise have installed the necessary cables.

Homes in Sunnyside won’t automatically be connected to the higher speeds, however. Residents wishing access the full benefits will need to ensure that they have the right package from their internet provider first.

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Leaders tell HS2 review that M18 route must be abandoned

Rotherham Council Leader, Cllr Chris Read, and the elected Mayor of Doncaster, Ros Jones, have formally written to the review of HS2 being undertaken by Doug Oakervee to restate their opposition to the so-called M18 route.

Both Rotherham and Doncaster will be adversely affected by the government’s currently preferred route, and have made it clear that the costs to the boroughs vastly outweigh any benefits. In their covering letter, the leaders say;

“We are very strongly opposed to the current plans for Phase 2B from the West Midlands to Leeds. When compared to the original proposal for South Yorkshire, the new M18/Eastern route results in:

  • Fewer trains and fewer seats
  • Inferior connectivity and longer journey times
  • Fewer jobs created and lower GVA benefits
  • Major residential demolitions and blight to existing housing developments
  • Significant impacts on new regeneration sites in one of the most deprived areas of the UK
  • Severe impacts on the local environment and landscape”

They also challenge the argument put forward by HS2 Ltd that moving away from the original HS2 route via Meadowhall would save as much as £1 billion from the spiralling costs of the project;

“Sir David Higgins claimed the new M18 route would save £1bn. This is not the case, as the savings estimate did not include the following essential infrastructure works:

  • Electrification of the Midland Main Line to provide HS2 services from London
  • Remodelling of Sheffield Midland Station
  • Signalling upgrades
  • The northern loop to provide HS2 services from Sheffield to Leeds
  • New capacity and rolling stock to provide Birmingham to Leeds services and maintain essential local stopping services (via a Tram Train extension)
  • The total cost of these additional infrastructure works is expected to approach or exceed £1bn.”

You can read the submission on the RMBC website by clicking here.

In a statement accompanying the submission, Cllr Chris Read said; “The current HS2 proposal offers little or no economic benefit to the Rotherham borough and its businesses. We need either a Meadowhall stop or we call on the Government to scrap the development all together rather than build it in a way that will cause years of disruption at massive cost, and instead reallocate the savings to fund essential improvements to regional rail connectivity through the Northern Powerhouse Rail.”

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